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Design of electrical machines

Standard definitions

ELECTRICAL MACHINE-electric transducer which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa

Stator part of the electric machine which includes a stationary magnetic circuit with a winding

ROTOR-rotating part of the electric machine

Inducer of synchronous machines or rotor-stator synchronous machine that hosts the permanent magnets or field winding

ANCHOR be the part of the collector car or a synchronous machine, which is induced emf and in which the load current flows


4.11.2010 Maxon valve engine developed 22 mm diameter for the oil industry to operate at temperatures up to 240C and a pressure of 1700 atmospheres forward

10-10-2010 German firm HEINZMANN ( ) developed electric drive for heavy vehicles on the basis of multi-pole subsinhronnyh engine (see engine design)Description of the engine

12.10.2010-known German Fima Henkel has released an interesting guide Design Guide for ElECTRIC Motors And GENERATORS dedicated to the description of the application of modern synthetic insulating compounds, adhesives in the manufacture of electric motorsSource

26.04.2010 entered into force the new European standard European standard EN 60034-30:2009 covering asynchronous motors from 0.75 to 350 kW and predyavlyuschy new requirements for efficiency.




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