Low-speed synchronous generator with permanent magnets (Figure 1).

           The design of such a generator is similar to a low-speed high-torque motor design. Thanks to the multi-polarity (poles - magnets on the rotor can reach 100), even at low speed shaft of the generator current output frequency can be up to 50 Hz, and the output voltage of 220 V. This has led to considerable interest in such generators manufacturers of wind turbines, as it allows the construction of gearless wind turbine with rotational speed of the propeller from 30 rev / min. Especially convenient use of these generators for wind turbine with a vertical axis of rotation and on the ground of their placement. Because of the possibility of the rotor in the form of a thin steel ring with permanent magnets (Figure 3) and a large magnetic working gap between the stator and the rotor, the rotor can be planted directly on the axis wind turbine. Furthermore generators of this type are compact and have good performance.


                                    Figure 1.

 High-torque multi-pole motor                             Permanent magnet motor                     

                                    Fig.2. Figure 3

Generators can be performed either as a single product (Fig. 2) and in the form of individual parts, embedded in hardware (Figure 3), the number of phase windings 3, 2 and 1, speed 30 rev / min, the current frequency 50 and 400 Hz, the output voltages of 220, 380 and 660, with a capacity of 50 kW or more. 

      We offer joint development and production of generators of this type of equipment, and based on them. For more information and to their proposals to goto contacts

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