Valve permanent magnet motor to drive the car windshield.

           The engine is designed for direct drive wiper vehicles without worm gear and high kolektornogo engine , to which matured used in standard designs windshield. feature of the engine is that thanks to the original design and end-all of Hall sensor design is a two discs of steel (the figures shown in the engine spaced stator and the rotor, the actual air gap of 0.5-    0.7 mm) on one of the permanent magnets are glued NdFeB , and screwed to the other pole in the form of coils wound steel wire enamel them.In this simple construction allows manufacturing: 1) a high winding density, and consequently higher linear current load A and high specific  force, 2) form a cylindrical pole magnets and provides a smooth change in the phases of the magnetic flux, and hence smooth rotation without pulsations and additional traction loss of harmonic magnetic field. A two-phase motor.  needed to control them with a simple scheme bipolar direction of the current, controlled by signals from the Hall sensors, which are visible in the first picture.

           As a result, the test engine was derived from the mechanical characteristic Mmax = 2 N * m and nmax = 120 rev / min. Dimensions: OD 88 mm Thickness of 28mm.              .

      We offer joint development and production of this type of engine and equipment based on them. For more information and to their proposals to goto contacts

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