Synchronous servo motor with permanent magnets (Fig. 1)

           Can be made by tampering with the standard induction motor with short-circuit rotor. Before the tree is subjected to the rotor motor. The stator, however, remains untouched. Specially developed a simple technique allows to make permanent magnet rotor magnet of a rectangular shape. It also provides secure fastening of the magnets on the rotor surface. In addition to the interior of the shell ventillyatora 7 (Fig. 2) is set ventillyator forced cooling, and the axle mount impeller 6 encoder that allows the frequency-current control and motor control motor speed.

Moment converted so the motor will increase by 1.6 - 1.8 times as becomes possible to raise nym current in the stator because of the lack of losses in the rotor and more optimally operate the engine with the installation of the encoder.

In addition to cheaper servo such modifications can be made engines for various power and performance in the degree of protection and fastening thanks to wide range of the asynchronous motor with rotor k.z and their relatively low cost compared with servomotors. Another important factor is the ease of maintenance of such engines (rewind, change Hem pnikov) because the rotor is subjected to alteration.











                                                                                                           Figure 2


        A granular joint development and production of this type of engines and equipment on them. For more information and to their proposals to goto contacts

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