Synchronous motor with permanent magnets (Fig. 1).

            This is the most common type of engines used in drives of modern high-tech equipment.

An example of such engines are the engines of the type  CM / DS (Fig. 2), manufactured by SEW - EURODRIVE , similar MCS motors from 0.25 to 10 kW is manufactured by Lenze and ABB . Engines Immersed good dynamic qualities, are designed for high speed - 6000 rev / min, and have a high power density. It is necessary to mention the high cost of these engines - 600 - 800 euros per engine of 0.75-1 kW, depending on the speed. Typical design of the engine is shown in Figure 2. Engines of this type have a classic single-layer or double-layer winding, which does not allow for multi-pole motors with small dimensions engines. This in turn causes the magnetic slightly larger. Thus motors of this type with respect to the mass moment of engine inferior low-speed high-torque motors . 



                                                                                                                                       Figure 2

            A granular joint development and production of this type of engines and equipment on them. For more information and to their proposals to goto contacts

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