Electric cylinder with built-in torque motors.

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                                            1. Name and purpose
1.1. ECV-110-6000 electric cylinder with integrated motor Ex, with a maximum stroke of 110 mm and a long nominal force of 6000 N.
1.2. 110-6000 ECV-electric cylinder for adjusting the angle of inclination of the damper of the gas turbine included in the electric power control system composed of the turbine as well as other applications.
                                   2. Main technical characteristics
2.1. General characteristics of the structure.
2.1.1. ECV-electric cylinder 110-6000 executed Ex admitting its operation in hazardous areas, the second class DNAOP 0.00-1.32. Ex marking electric cylinder - 1 EX-d-IIC-T4.
2.1.2. Ingress protection against external electric cylinder of solid objects and water IP67 according to GOST 14254.
2.1.3. Terms and conditions of use.
electric cylinder resistant to external factors, in accordance with GOST 15150-69 for the performance of "U", "T" and "O" category of accommodation "2":

shock loads of up to 98 [m / c2] (10g) with a repetition rate of the impact of not more than 60 beats per minute, duration 5-10 [ms]. and the number of strokes at least 1000.
2.1.4 MTBF electric cylinder of at least 50,000 hours.
2.1.5. Average life of electric cylinder is not less than 12 years.
2.1.6. Electric cylinder 24 Weight [kg.].
2.1.7. Overall and mounting drawing is shown in Figure 1.


. Mechanical characteristics.
2.2.1. Operating mode continuous electric cylinder - S1.
2.2.2. Rated traction electric cylinder at least 6000 N.
2.2.3. Full stroke electric cylinder 110 mm.
2.2.4. The maximum speed of the rod - 0.11 m / s
2.2.5. Permissible radial force on the electric cylinder rod no more than 100 N.

2.3. Electrical characteristics.
2.3.1. Number of phases built motor - 3.
2.3.2. Phase winding of the motor have six terminals (open circuit) labeled in accordance with GOST 26772-85.
2.3.3. The number of motor poles - 8.
2.3.4. Class of insulation voltage up to 1000 V.
2.3.5. Rated current value of the phase currents 4,5 A. winding.
2.3.6. The inductance of the motor phase is not more than 25 mH.
2.3.7. Active resistance of the motor phase at 200C 0,5 ± 0,1Om.

3. Structure and working principle.
3.1. ECV device.
electric cylinder consists of the following components (Figure 2):
ball screw with a rod on the end - 1;
nut ball screws - 2 with mounted permanent magnet -3;
Stator built motor - 4, is pressed into the outer casing - 5;
Sensor angular position (resolver) - 6;
terminal cable connections of the power converter to control the rotation of the ball screw nut - 7;
terminal cable connections angular position sensor - 8;


3.2. The principle of operation.
When a power converter from the control voltage to the stator windings, there is a rotating electromagnetic torque acting on the ball screw nut with the attached permanent magnets, causing it to rotate. Rotation of the nut provides a translation of the ball screw and rod. For guiding the movement of stock in the cover 9, the bronze bearing 10 to prevent rotation of stock - directing -11. For the control rod position in ECV - set resolver, sine and cosine voltage winding which is proportional to the angle of rotation nut ball screws.


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