High-torque low-speed permanent magnet motor (Figure 1).

           Feature of the engine is that thanks to the original design of the winding and stator core engine can produce multi-pole (with a large number of magnets on the rotor), even at small sizes of the engine (Fig. 2 and 3). Number of poles (magnets) can not exceed the number of stator teeth. This can greatly reduce the size and weight of the magnetic motor. In combination with the high energy rare earth magnets using NdFeB   engines of this type have the highest torque ratio (Mw) to the mass of the motor ( m ):  ( M a / m -> maxamong all the known designs of motors which are suitable for mass production.

            Thus, the characteristic features of this type of engine design are the high torque, low weight and low speed

                                    Figure 1.

 High-torque multi-pole motor                             Permanent magnet motor                     

                                    Fig.2. Figure 3

Engines may be formed as an individual product (Fig. 2) and in the form of individual parts, embedded in hardware (Figure 3), the number of phase windings 2 and 3, the moment of rotation from 0 to 2000 Nm, the number of poles (magnets) from 2 to 76 and the current frequency of 0 to 400Hz.

      We offer joint development and production of this type of engine and equipment based on them. For more information and to their proposals to goto contacts

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